Anonymous asked:
Hi! I love to take part in the bootcamp and has always been on the lookout for new applications. Could I ask, do we need to have some basic dj skills too? Thanks xx

hello love!

love for music and a pure ambition for sound is all you need to be a part of the bootcamp, but we’re currently taking a break until further notice. watch this space :}


Anonymous asked:
hello!will there be another bootcamp this year,2013 and how much is it? would like to get it as a gift for a friend!

hi! that’s real sweet - however, the bootcamp is taking a break until further notice. you can watch out for updates on our facebook page. meanwhile, keep in touch :}

caseyjeow asked:
What are your requirements to join the bootcamp?

1 - must love cats

2 - must love cupcakes

3 - must love people

4 - must love music {good music, or bad music, we’ll talk}

5 - must be a girl

6 - must love to have a good time!

!!!! FFFRIDAYS !!!!!
Fri 5 Jul @ Zouk, Wine Bar
11pm ~ 2am

Brought to you by Sarah Chan x Suki Quasimodo - for a super sweet entry to the weekend!!!! There will be ~~~~~C.A.N.D.Y~~~~

Anonymous asked:
what does fff stands for?

*~*~*~*~* free fairy fluffies **~**~*~*


The FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp 2012

slwaldorf asked:

xxx watch this space :}

Suki, Suki Daisuke ~ Alpha

published on sept/24/2011 - made almost a year ago but still shares the same feelings, sentiments and moment in my travelling life // indie.happy.reggae -

"holy smack! FFF begins in less than 48hrs!!"

silly kitty triptopussy

Monstera Oblique by pixiedub!

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